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Document management
  Data Archiving
  CAD Engineering
  2D Engineering
  3D Modelling
  Facility Management
  Case Studies
  GIS Geospatial
  GIS Mapping
  Flood Mapping
GPS Services
  Case Studies
Document and Drawing Management Services (DDMS) is a value added solution offered by Variac Systems to handle the large number of documents and drawings existing in an office.
Variac’s engineering services centre around the area of Engineering Drawing Management. Variac offers its expertise towards creating, customizing, designing, storing and maintaining engineering data in 2D and 3D.
Variac offers solutions towards creating a complete spatial map database that conforms to the specifications, requirements and format of the customer.
Variac Systems is a leading IT Service provider focusing on Digital Data Processing. Variac specializes in servicing customers located all over the world through its state of art facilities in India.Variac provides value added solutions in the three major domains of Document Management, Engineering Drawing & Design and Geospatial Services.
Variac Systems Pvt Ltd. was founded & incorporated in 1996. Originally begun to cater to in house engineering requirements of group companies, Variac Systems grew rapidly to offer services in a wide range of areas involving documents, engineering drawings and spatial map data. Read More........

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